Simply put, I build websites. Of course, there's more to it than that. You want your site to work; you want your site to look good (on all browsers, even that pesky IE that your IT department won't let you replace); you want your site to be easy to maintain; you want your site to be fancy, but not to look garish; and most of all, you want your site to be up and running when you need it up and running.

I build websites, and I build websites that are maintainable, that reflect your design and brand, and that work the way you'd expect. I have experience in building and maintaining all kinds of sites, from large corporate intranets to major sports sites to boutiques and personal sites. I can not only build your site, but also provide assistance at the earliest planning stages as well as provide set up and support when the build is done.


Currently at CUNY Graduate Center (NYC)

PhD Candidate, Department of Earth and Environmental Science
2010 - Present. Expected completion: 2015.
Thesis Title: Mean State and Variability of the Eastern Tropical Pacific Over the Past 1000 Years

Masters of Science, Environmental Science

Rutgers University, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Graduate School of New Brunswick
January, 2011
Thesis Title: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contamination in and around the Arthur Kill, Staten Island, New York

Bachelor of Science in Biology and Geology

University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Magna Cum Laude, with Highest Departmental Distinction

Work Experience

I have been a freelance web developer since 1999. In that time I have worked for clients large and small, from global media conglomerates and sports/entertainment leagues to local businesses and startups.

Site Credits

  • NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies - Developed and styled front end components using a large scale commercial content management system (Java, HTML/CSS and Javascript)
  • C. Jadusingh Legal - Migrated existing design to Wordpress, updated design to modern coding standards, allowed for fluid layout
  • Commit Media - Created new Javascript-based navigation and developed HTML5 iPhone/iPad compatible media player
  • Reactive Fitness - Developed entire site, including custom Javascript for slide-out effect
  • Major League Baseball, Japan - Developed initial version of the site (Javascript/XML)
  • Major League Soccer - Redeveloped many aspects of the site, including navigation, media wall, scoreboards (Javascript/XML)
  • Interliga and Superliga were both built from the ground-up using an existing proprietary JSP-based templating system
  • PS9 Pet Supply - Developed all aspects of this site; currently updating the back-end to allow for easier maintenance and updating
  • Astonfield Renewable Energy - Developed all aspects of this site, including Flash, HTML, CSS.
  • Remede Naturopathic Medicine, including all site development, editing tools, site set up and help with hosting.

Long Term Engagements

Since becoming a web developer, I've had a number of long-term engagements, including contract positions and full time employment.
  • Sports on Earth/MLB Advanced Media, New York, NY, Technical Production Group, 2009 - 2010
  • Katzenbach Partners, LLC, New York, NY, Application Development2001 -2008
  • Concrete Media, Inc, New York, NY, Senior User Interface Engineer, 1999 - 2001


At the motorcycle shop I go to, I have overheard the same exchange many times. A customer will come in an ask for a helmet. Inevitably, the subject of price comes up (often right away). The customer will ask something along the lines of "How much should I spend on a helmet?", and the answer is always the same: "What's you head worth?" Thinking about your website in the same way is helpful. Sure, you can spend less - a website-in-a-box is a few hundred dollars. And if that's all you need, or all you can afford, then that may be the best option. But if you're looking for something representative, something that shows off your business or enterprise on line and might be the first thing customers see, well.... what's your head business worth?

There is no simple answer for the question, "What's your rate?". The answer, nearly always, is, "It depends." It depends on the technology that we're using. It depends on the sort of support you will need after the site launches. It depends on the features and functions that your site needs, and it depends on your business needs. But I am up-front about pricing, be it a fixed-price project or a T&M engagement. I can work with your budget if you're a start up, small business, or not-for-profit, and I can provide estimates and 'do-not-exceed' agreements for longer term projects.

I am not the least expensive developer that you will find. There are hundreds of sub-par developers willing to work for $20 an hour who will over promise and under perform. I have cleaned up their messes many times. What I promise is that I will provide professional web development of the highest level and access to the expertise gained over more than a decade of web development. You will know what to expect, when, and at what cost.

All this said, the best thing to do is to contact me. Describe your project, send me a link to a site you like, or include your budget and the features you want, and I can give you a ballpark estimate to get the conversation started.


I'd love to have a direct link here, but the spam is incredible. Hey, I don't control the internet, just your little piece of it. If you'd like to contact me, email me at:

grustic - AT -